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Tourists, people willing to get to know Ukraine, are people generally friendly and open ! And this causes, the innocent naivety that use very good: spekulanci, gamblers and thieves in Ukraine ! Therefore, in today's article, we would like to bring some of the issues with: currency, the exchange of currencies, exchange rate and the danger of being cheated or robbed ! Finances are one of the most important elements of travel planning and, are a means of ensuring survival - so be careful and to not protect them, as protect: life, health and documents while traveling in another country ... Currency Exchange Ukraine

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The most important aspects related to finances, while in Ukraine

Preparation of the currency to travel it is important, so as to prepare for departure, where to exchange currency, ile mieć przy sobie i jakiej waluty podróżując na Ukrainę, czy bezpiecznie wymieniać walutę na Ukrainie, na co uważać wymieniając walutę…?

Above all remember, that:


While in Ukraine it is not recommended to:

  • Not it is advisable to exchange currency at the border, because Exchange points speculated rate, and this causes, for example, that the we exchange Polish zloty 1/2 in relation to the hrywny of the Ukrainian – while the real rate > 1/3 !
  • Not recommend that you exchange currency in exchange points located at railway and bus stations (by analogy, as the border) - speculators know, that desperate, under hurry tourist, exchanges the currency for each rate to not miss the train or bus !
  • Not it is recommended to exchange currency in the immediate city center, because in some (but not all) exchange points there are bad rates. In such situations, you can negotiate the course, in Poland it is possible, and Ukraine less likely.
  • Absolutely we do not recommend and warn about the danger of using service, the so-called "live" or "walking" money changers- ukr. Валютчиків ! They are commonly dressed men, standing usually on croudy product markets, bazaars and marketplaces. They offer currency exchange, directly, "on site" at this point in time. They operate outside the law, not having a license, do not pay taxes (black market money) is therefore often they offer a favourable exchange rate. Nobody is aware of the matter with the, that such person, carries no responsibility, can cheat you, give false banknotes, ... possibly intimidate and tell to go away ! Often, the tourists have to suffer this problem on their own skin, after which it cannot refer to Militias, because law enforcement agencies in Ukraine do not like such behaviour of guests from abroad. Remember, that use of the service "valutczykiv", It is forbidden and punished. You may incur criminal liability and definitely ruin your holiday and rest !
  • Not recommend that you show on public of large sums of money on the stations, bazaars, crowded urban transport - such actions provoke thieves and cheaters !
  • Not have to after crossing the border, to come up in the euphoria and behave like the "bourgeoisie" from the West, that came on the poor East / third world country - it may encourage xenophobia and nationalism in indigenous, who will feel worse not equal persons !!! We are all human beings – we are the same!
  • Not it is recommended to buy the Ukrainian hryvnia in Przemysl at the last minute, because so you can hit the low rate. Several people in the comments include, that in Przemyśl is sometimes the best course, but it's worth just check first at home in the city and other cities. Currency rate of the Ukrainian side is also okay, so you can always replace in Ukraine. However, it is worth mention even minimally 50-100 Golden before crossing the border.
  • Not it is recommended to wear a wallet in your back pocket and backpack !
  • Not it is recommended that you carry the whole sum of money in your wallet (part of put in different places)!
  • Not it is recommended that you wear the documents in the wallet (in the event of theft you falls on the double issue)!
  • Never believe the person, which do not have a uniform and legitimacy - it seems himself as a police officer or "inspector"!
  • Never exchange / change money – even if some "Grandma" asks you: "… please Mr., could You give me 100 hryvnia in 2 x 50 UAH. ..” !
  • Never leave stuff unattended;
  • Not be ashamed of themselves and in the event of a problem – go to the nearest Police;
  • Not be naive, not all are good and kind-in every country without exception are people, for which public order and rules – are nothing !

While in Ukraine it is recommended that you:

  • Handle small denomination banknotes;
  • Buying a certain amount of UAH Ukrainian in your origin / residence (so as to have enough for access, eating, petty expenses);
  • Give money only after obtaining the goods, product / goods or ticket/service;
  • Count given change, check the banknotes, that there not to be a situation such as: „ … Please Mr., you has not given me yet 10 UAH, .. – o, actually have not noticed - I'm sorry ... " !
  • Exchange currency at reasonable amounts, there's no need, If you will be in town to exchange large sums at once.
  • Have moderation in search of the best exchange rates, because if lists of PLN 100 is the differences in 0,05-0,10 are just marginal and negligible.
  • Ukraine everywhere we can replace the US dollar and the euro. Buck replace very easily in the West of Ukraine, in other parts of the Ukraine is the currency less popular, but rather in the big cities you mention. However, we recommend that when traveling on non-Western Ukraine hryvnia have, dollars or euros.


NOTE !!! Our today's article was created in order to prepare in the best way for trouble-free travel, that you and your finances are safe!!! We sicerelly welcome you to Ukraine – It is worth to go, and the one who was already been there definitely say, that it was SUPER ! We just want to draw your attention to the possible danger, which may arise due to the disregard of reality ! This reality is not only the Ukrainian problem and each knows very well about this.

Please treat this topic as "Safety training" before traveling to "The Unknown Ukraine" !

Also, we recommend that you read the article on Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)

We encourage you to comment on this article, and to discuss ! We are confident, that many people had problems with the exchange in Ukraine, at not very favorable exchange rates, or suffered fraud on their own skin. Therefore, we propose to share their own insights, for the general good !!! Of course you can also ask questions to the authors - all the questions we will answer !





mai wrote / wa, December 7, 2011 , 11:38

I płaciłam in the shop (supermarket) for purchases by card and not be so wrong with those liabilities. 🙂

    Yuri wrote, December 8, 2011 , 23:24

    Mai probably does not;) in any event, this is not a low amount of commissions, and of course translation are, rather, is the lowest possible. unless you have a nice card;)

opop wrote/MiG, August 8, 2012 , 22:28

buying payment in Poland.How underrated it well.This is due to the large supply in Przemyśl hryvnia is cheaper than in other parts of the Polish.For example, today is 08.08.2012
You can buy once in Przemyśl 0,42 in Lublin 0,434. Krakow Warsaw 0.5. 0,43 .Bureaux de change, first from google.

Yuriy Сhernets said, August 9, 2012 , 09:23


Thank you for suggestion, This may be true in a sense, but it is necessary to more continuous monitoring of courses. Proszę bardzo o monitorowanie zmiany kursów walut, I think that if you can make specific proposals, and not believing. This will be the informative note.

Therefore, that the Lord gives a too small wicinek information, Let me expand on the.

Firstly, as you know the currency rate in kantorach is very variable, that said for some prawidłowościach you need to keep track of this for a long time.

Secondly the price spreads between kantorami and in one city can and usually is different.

The course is also whether in kantorze is more or less the same currency, and whether it is intended to hold currency, whether completely wyprzedać.

My search in google pointed to, that in each of these cities you can find almost similar course, i.e.. in Cracow you can buy hrywnie after 0.44 just like in Przemyśl after greater rate 0.5.

However, please remember, that is not to say that the hrywnie are available, This course may be, (a) for sale hrywni can simply no longer or not yet be.

Everyone agree that the currency rate is all the time changes, so best to check what are the current rates before the same purchase.

uuyu wrote/MiG, August 21, 2012 , 19:25

and I agree with opop.Because the currency is as of each item.Where is the large podaz is cheaper.Jeżdżę to Ukraine from 11 years, most affordable hryvnia is always in Przemyśl.Of course, here also are the difference in price but how will it finds.In this popular currency of Kraków or Warsaw.Spreed used by bureaux de change is larger.What else to sell hrywnę.The most rewarding is where it is not

    Yuriy Сhernets said, August 29, 2012 , 08:37

    I can't entirely agree with this. Because in this case the rate at railway stations, on the border and in oblężonych places for tourists is to be the best! But we all know, that is not the. Although these places are enormous quantities of currency exchange and their quantity.

    To as Mr. writes “look for the” You must have the time, and is sometimes so that you must quickly continue, and then buy the first better kantorze rather da worse result.

    My suggestion would be to

    • -check the courses on the Internet
    • -check the courses in Ukraine ( in the column to the right of the National Bank of Ukraine are the courses)
    • -assess where better to buy currency
    • -to purchase a minimum quantity in each other on the spot, that is enough to calm dojechanie to Ukraine
    • -If the course will be beneficial on the road, whether in Przemyśl and Rzeszów, Yaroslavl, etc. There is a buy
    • -Ukraine also courses are in the order of, If the walk and on the occasion you can find what you need to check the courses

    Please remember healthy sense, bo with small amounts of differences in 5-10 cents are little felt, and the time lost in the search may be more expensive!

    P.S. Also in kantorach in Poland can be targować, While in Krakow this week, I managed to negotiate a reduction of up to UAH 15 gr, because the rate was high, and Yes, she got even stronger than, or where! So you may want to keep track of the courses, because knowledge is high power.

kr wrote/bathrooms, August 31, 2012 , 21:21

I am back from the departure to Odessa. in its article clearly Mr. writes to buy currency in his city and not in Przemyśl.
On the border in Medyka and in tesco in industrial courses are the order of buying 0,39 sale 0.41. Mention in the latter.In front of me happened with five people and kązdy sell the hryvnia.Ukrainians sell their currency because you come to shop.In Odessa had contact with people from Gdańsk and Lowicz.In both cases, the purchase was after 0,5 .In Gdansk, the boy spoke,that obdzwonił 11 money changers until finally found.
“Because in this case the rate at railway stations, on the border and in oblężonych places for tourists is to be the best! But we all know, that is not the”.
This completely do not understand.I will try nonetheless to lighten.Currency exchange is a business as all.If a foreigner arrives at the airport and wants to exchange currency is a currency is not interested to pay him as much as possible.On the contrary pays him the least because he needs the money on taxi,coffee etc.
So I think,that your entry about Przemysl ,No offense but is incredible and unsupported analysis courses and only premise ,that I was quoting above.Can introduce human error.In Przemyśl is oversupply hryvnia and purchase is the best.Please find and indicate where you can buy UAH for 0,41 .
I'll Add,that argument 5-10 pennies is also little convincing.This is 12-25 % the value of that currency and it is not the amount of the remission.

On the one hand you suggesting not to pay the card because the keel percent commissions and here's the 5-10 cents.
I give detailed courses in Odessa ,which shall be
dollar -8,10
euro 10,00
your buck,little popular 240 for 100 zł.
Let everyone counts.

    Yuriy Сhernets said, September 4, 2012 , 19:29

    First, the article was written by Artur, contributor page. But I agree with it, usually better prepared before the time, the fact may be a beneficial rate in Przemyśl, but also can and not be, and then you need to buy after such a. It is better to check, compare and buy where better true?

    Here I just disagree, It is worth spelling out what's going on in the article. It's about not buying at the last minute in Przemyśl, in the short term, to improve the content of the, not to gave rise to this controversy.

    Secondly, I have a feeling, that are written by people with offices here in Przemyśl;)

    As to what Mr. quotes. Rozjaśnię.
    Here just me for that matter, where there is a lot of tourists, There are unfavorable odds. Selling you out there for less money currency, and purchase the currency after a higher rate, and on this and that's to lose. Otherwise can not be so as you write, because this business, It is logical and economically correct.

    The charge card there are two fees. The Commission for currency conversion, and the foreign currency at the rate of the Bank, that is lower than that in the Office. So I suggest you check out what are the fees and at which courses are carried out foreign currency. Can of course be Yes, that there are no costs and no more beneficial for you to come out, but again you must check in the bank issuing the card.

    I hope that this will explain all the contradictions.
    As I wrote the best judge what are where courses, If sells large quantities of currency, then buy it where it will be better.
    A good solution is to buy currency at various locations where necessary. Ukraine everywhere are accepted dollars and euros and with them or with hrywniami the best drive. Buck is the currency more popular in the West of Ukraine, and with their Exchange there has to be all in order.

    Thank you all for your suggestions and for taking part in the discussion, all weaknesses will be refined.
    I encourage you to further develop the theme and your suggestions as to the best ways to exchange currency.

Doczu wrote/bathrooms, September 21, 2012 , 06:14

I have been to Ukraine several times and exchanged currency in different places, and fetch from an ATM, and from my observations penetrates, that the course at the Bazaar in Przemyśl is the best. The least favorable and course, I was in the depths of the PL (in my case, Katowice), and in places like the railway station of Lviv, whether the airport Borispol.
Course at the Bazaar always hovered within the interbank rate with credit card transactions, and at times it was more favourable.
If someone a lot of travels to withdrawals from ATMs I recommend a card with mbank. There are no commissions from payments, but curiosity – Exchange rates vary slightly depending which Bank Ukraine paid out. Unfortunately, I have not done the statistics which the bank how much she takes, but minor differences have watched on account.

the priest / wrote/bath, February 3, 2014 , 09:08

try the Council

George wrote/was, June 7, 2018 , 01:17

Errors in content, used the wrong case, for example.”not recommended to exchange currency” Instead of: “currency” and “It not recommended to use Polish payment cards”” Instead of: “use of”, and: “not recommended to wear a wallet in the back pocket” Instead of: “portfolio”. Besides OK. Best regards. George



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