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In today's article we want to tell You about our six-day trip to the unknown Village "Maidan" in Ukrainian Carpathians. And communicate the detailed informations and remarks from the travel and time spent. We will tell you about preparation for the travel, what to bring with you, what you need to pay attention at, how to get there and back as well as how to benefit your time ! So stay tuned, We will guarantee you having a good time ! Maidan camp six-soup

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In Drohobych , Several days before departure :


It was hot summer 2009 year - July ! (since then in Maidan is all the same). The temperature on the Eastern Carpathian (Ukrainian) reached + 27°C (in the shade), imagine what was on "the sun" ! Tired with heat and wanting fast, nice and cheap rest in the nearby Carpathian Mountains (15 km) – we decided about fast trip for recreation into the mountains !

We put together a group of volunteers on a few-days trip to the beautiful mountains. We are all friends and neighbors from Drohobych except one person of from Poland, my colleague Wiesław and Yevgeniy, my buddy from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Together 9 people, four girls and five guys: (Artur, Yuriy, Katia, Kristina, Svieta, Kola, Hrystyna, Eugene and Wiesiek) !

We gathered on 20 July 2009 year in Drohobych (in a few days before departure) and with beer we started discussing fast "mobilization" and preparations for the trip to the mountains.

The final decision fell on MAIDAN a beautiful Unknown Village inUnknown Ukraine” ! Isolated from the rest of the world, the beautiful and picturesque village, about which we told you already in the articleUNKNOWN VILLAGE MAIDAN. It was for us at close distance, had a good availability of communication and we knew what beauty is waiting there for us !!!

Most were students, so there were no problems with work and free time. We set 22 July 2009 year -date of start of trip. Quickly I called up a buddy Wiesław to Krakow and told to collect all the necessary things, he took passport and he quickly went to Drohobych. I gave him a one very important job, about which i will mention later !

And we at that time in the hot summer Drohobych are preparing for the expedition. After light "brainstorming", decided to divide the tasks among 3 groups:

1. group - technical service (equipment, tents, fishing rods and nets for fish);

2. group - catering (food, articles catering, alcohol);

3 group – cheap pork meat from Poland (6 kg (shoulder, pork neck, Ham)).

Of course, the task of group, Nr. 1 was on men, task group no. 2 for girls, a task of Nr. 3 group has been leading Wiesław, which already was en route from Krakow ! Within 2 days everything was ready.



FIRST AID KIT (water oxidised, bandages, wadding, iodic solution, patches, activated carbon, medication against pain), 5 containers Sun FILTERS (creams, essential oils, Sprays), 9 backpacks, 4 tents (waterproof), 3 axes, 3 flashlights, 2 boilers for cooking (large and small), "szampura" (pręciki metal for roasting meat / Shish kebab), 9 sleeping bags, 9 karimat, film meblarska (rulon), links, cords (a few tens of metres), fishing rods, Network on fish, lighters and matches, paper rozpalanie (old newspapers), thread and needle, tape, stojaczek metal boilers and, of course, photographic equipment, good FM radio, batteries for replacement, and the guitar (If a person is) !



9 deep platters, 2-3 metal bowls, 9 pairs of cutlery (fork + Spoon), 5 knives, aluminium foil (rulon), 9 tumblers (metal), 1 dishwashing liquid, 2 sponges, 6 kg in cube sliced, zamarynowanego home of pig meat (Shish kebab), 1 packaging of salt, 1 packaging of sugar, 1 the packaging of tea, 1 coffee packaging, a lot of sacks !

The rest of the food products: porridge, rice, alcohol (beer, vodka, wine …), concentrated milk, ice-cream, bread, sweets, water, snacks, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, mustard, canned fish, pies ... YOU CAN BUY IN A STORE (several shops in the countryside), very cheaply is cheaper than in Drohobych !!!

Such products as: potatoes, fruit, cheese, bryndza, bio, milk, cream, Berry, mushrooms and MOONSHINE … even wood … YOU CAN BUY IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD, very cheaply is cheaper than in Drohobych !!!


Each individual had with one another to take is compulsorily:

Jacket przeciwdeszczowa, shoes with strong base, flip flops, boardshorts, swimwear, towel, shorts ... and other clothes necessary when "really" upalnym and dry summer (smoother, more saturated than e.g.. in Crimea) , as well as the necessary daily hygiene articles, a few cubes soaps, and the good humor !!!



It Was early 22 July, the mist, rosa hockey – I knew, that this will be another scorching day in Drohobych. Everyone came together to 5:45 in the morning on the bus at the monument to the unknown soldier (ulica Ivan Francs in Drohobych). We Knew, that this way of 6:10 the morning will be przejeżdżał the bus of the DROHOBYCH-MAJDAN relationship, You will embark from the bus station Drohobych AC-2 with a 6:00. In accordance with the timetable of 6:10 We are already on board the vehicle and allow the Drohobych and its heat wave with them ! O 7:45 We were already in MAJDANIE !

The bus operates on a daily basis-MAJDAN DROHOBYCH, 2 times a day:

Drohobych-Majdan: 6:00 and 14:00;

Majdan-Drohobych: 8:00 and 16:00.

It is also possible to populate the bus people, We recommend that you board the bus at the station. If it fails to take on this bus, we persevere! This package allows you to bus to Borysławia. From the train station in Borysławiu always what is successful to go, (a) buses run more frequently than from Drohobycz.


O 9:00 early (22 July) We are already in place ! A few hundred metres from the bus stop, We found ideal place Majdanki River Valley. It was a deep River Valley, his camp of pyramidal roofs we have decided to establish itself on an equal, trawiastej, soft flood terrace. The River even during strong rain rarely ulew and poured over the terasę- so everyone is and will be safe !!!

Location was excellent, picturesque, charming and quiet, … without the urban upału and noise. Only what we hear is noise, pipe and wind in the crowns of trees. This was the, It is, and will be – "Celestial corner"!

We set rapidly camp, fire, made "mangal" (grill), benches, made fenced area with a string against trespassing cattle, the little refrigerator in the river of stone is for cooling beer and preserves ! And the other technical small stuff related to the setting of a tent camp.


When everything was ready and distributed, it remained to just relax. Of course, each of us the word relaxation understands differently. Someone: swam and bathed, someone was sunbathing, someone collected and chopped wood, prepared fire, collect berries and mushrooms, went to the store after beer, played guitar or do pictures, meditated and looked at mountains, someone go for a walk, someone was sleeping ... and even played a ball ! Each of us was relaxing in beloved manner, because after this we went to the "Unknown Village Maidan" !

These places are simply great to photograph, ideal for landscapes and close-up pictures, and you can always do so very cool pictures of your group, You can also encounter various animals and interesting local people.

Of course, we have spitted responsibilities. Everyone was responsible for something: for going to the store, for fire, wood, fishing poles and networks, someone always remained in the camp as a "guardian" (for the safety of the, ... girls cooked, guys showed off for how better and deftly chop wood ... Someone makes a shashlyk (grilled meat), and was the champion in this fieldeveryone had something to work and well spent time !

In the neighbourhood woods there were a lot of: mushrooms (we baked and cooked on the fire), berries, BlackBerry, blueberry and cranberry ! And in a small mountain stream, River Maidanka, there is a lot of fish species: "hurdles" and trout Carpathian.. The first we were fishing with worms or bread with a fishing rod, while the latter (trout) – fished in the fish-network at night (in fact, this cannot be named network;)

Local women came to our camp and proposed to buy: dairy (cheese, milk, cottage cheese, bryndza, cream) and potatoes, eggs and fruit. One man even proposed the wood ready for a nominal price, for so we don't gather ! Also, the local home-brewed alcohol, you can buy without problems in some households. We recommend that you use these proposals, people are very kind, and products are really high-quality, and most importantly absolutely natural!

Interesting is the fact, that do not have phone coverage (mobile phones in the "Unknown Village Maidan" do not work), only radio on long wave, your TV … advertising and other everyday things – time quickly and smoothly runs, None of us noticed, that day by day, flew six days as "arrow". Unfortunately, it's time to return, but only after the, to gather again and again going in the Carpathians !!!


Our departure started around 16:00 h. (28 July). In the morning we got up, had our meal, slowly we packed all things, … of course, swimmed in the River, ... gathered all the garbage, packing backpacks, ... and march to the bus stop (300 m). And at 18:00 each of us was already home in Drohobych: tanned, refreshed, rested, full and satisfied !! It was a fantastic "6 DAYS CAMPING in UNKNOWN VILLAGE MAIDAN" !!! Such visits should be organized often – they are worth the time – they are simply super !


Some good rules / ways to secure a good camping and camp:


  • With the help of Twine, wire … and branches, around the camp make "square", which will protect the camp against "entry" of cows, which pastors in that morning and evening walk to pasture (about 1-5 herd of cows);
  • Provide a space for a fireplace for, fire, kitchen - Put around the stones from the river (pebbles). Create in this way the stone circle, where the fire will burn. This will allow you to: fire safety, a good place for baking and frying potatoes and meat, cooking, and heating on the night near the fire (stones absorb the heat of the fires, and long will be warm - like stove);
  • With the help of large, equal stones (pebbles) and large trunks of wood – make benches for sitting around a fire;
  • Wood for fuel collect at riverbed (treated wood from the bark and leaves in large quantities are transported by the river during the flooding - and then after a drop of water left on the shore) or forest;
  • "The River is the fridge" – Cold River (+7 or +10 degrees), refreshing, is like a fridge for: beer, alcohols, canned preserves, jars, meat in plastic buckets ! You can just do with small stones at the shore of the river and dip ! Cooling for 100% ! Note - at night you need to take out in any event, because of the rain the river can rise rapidly in the mountains !
  • All products You can without problems buy in a store or household. Sometimes the locals themselves come and offer products – together with the delivery to the camp and of good quality;
  • Baked meet It should be cooked very slowly as the good wood, using the cooking place only to the form "carbide" material. On metal rods / "szampurah", about 30-45 minutes !
  • Potatoes, for convenience and comfort, and the "clean hands" It should be baked in aluminum foil. Each separate, potato is cleaned coarse well in foil - make a silver ball ! Then well buried in coal, that is after the fire and cover with the same hot material. About 1 h. baking and potatoes are clean and baked. A knife can pierce one and check, whether it is ready !
  • Tents staggered in such a way, that forms the circle. In the middle of the circle layer fire (7-8 m from tent (each)). The entrance to the tents direct towards the fire;
  • Under each tent layer some polyethylene film (against moisture), impose the soft twigs and plants, and then spread the tent;
  • Sleep in a sleeping bag, which should be located on isolating matte.


And other little things, about each of the true connoisseur of camping well knows !!!


The people at Maydan are nice and open, they know, that the revenue from wild tourism (the encampment) is a financial benefit. Youth "sweep" products and alcohol in shops and at the same time lets earn for a local "entrepreneurs" !

You need only to remember, that prior to departure, carefully collect all the rubbish and leave nothing after yourself ! This will preserve the cleanliness and order. No one after us won't clean ! The bottles after a beer could be returned in the store. Plastic, foil, gum and paper - can be burned in the fire. The shell after the potatoes, an egg, cucumber, onions .... and other organic residue can throw in the bushes, in the grass (will be naturally recycled) ! Metal preserves, You can throw into the fire, in flames, after a few days they will be heavily oxidized, get corroded, and then will quickly decay ! Nothing should be thrown in the water - especially glass and metal !!!

If you follow these instructions, so for 100%, Your vacation in the mountains in the "Unknown Village Maidan" will be successful and interesting.

We encourage you to also read the article about the Maidan: UNKNOWN VILLAGE MAIDAN

We encourage you to comment on the article, and leave your own comments and observations in comments !

we greet you warmly on behalf of our creative team !!!






tacjanna wrote/MiG, June 16, 2011 , 22:06

Provides a space for you to have great biwak, I know it perfectly., only that I always zaglądam “for over a”, It takes you to the right, and hand over the River, because there is an old Polish Cemetery and there I have family tombs. A River is not Majdanka, only Rybnik Zubrzycki, who is on the boundary of Majdanu and Rybnika (near Hołostycz)connects to the flowing through the Maidan Rybnikiem Majdańskim and total rain for Uncle.
The people at Majdanie actually guest and very welcomed presented gradually. And what good beer sell in “kramnyci” near the Church! Only injury, that is not already at the beginning of the array with the name of the village Majdanu. Every year, we were each other in a souvenir photograph of the witness, that we were in Majdanie, and last year was a big disappointment – After an array nor a trace, He remained only a column. The good and the – the picture was in the column. And maybe already is a new array? Sprawdzę this for a few days.
For several years, take to the Majdanu with a group of ancient majdaniaków and their descendants. Skrzyknęliśmy a few years ago over the internet. Someone got busa, someone else headquarters (in Schodnicy)and so every year in summer the Group ok. 15 people were going to Majdanu. Unfortunately, The, on biwakowanie under the tent we no longer, some already survived the years, but more and more people Majdanu wants to take the tourists to their homes for the holidays. An earlier recall to przedwojenne years, When mass travel to Majdanu summer visitors and all summer “was in the interest of traffic”.

tacjanna wrote/MiG, June 17, 2011 , 11:05

Hello! Just my computer “narozrabiał”, off me and musiałam change your password.I wanted to give 5 stars for an article about biwakowaniu in Majdanie, a column labeled only one. How can I change 1 Asterisk on 5 ?

    Yuri wrote, June 18, 2011 , 22:33

    Hello! an assessment of the matter have pulled it off, will be deleted, You will again vote.
    with an array of actual damage. tomorrow I may be in the vicinity of Majdanu, so one day, whether it is new.
    very cool that a departure is are you collecting, tymbardziej annually. personally, often bywam in Rybnik, generally a nice place to photograph barzo and not only!

Artur Czernych wrote, June 17, 2011 , 22:04

Witam 🙂 I znowu jesem zaskoczony cennymi informacjami i spostrzeżeniami o MAJDANIE !! So I didn't, takich szczegułów nie znałem 🙂 My kilka razy robiliśmy biwak pot słynną urwistą skałą w Majdanie przy cmentarzu ! Very cool place, at the River. Only, Sometimes you need to clean up after the ads there well and zutylizować burning garbage – unfortunately ! But the location is fantastic, grants. Gwiazdkę każdy może nam postawić i ocenić artykuł 🙂



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